Type of quilting


Edge to Edge .0225
Semi-Custom (One Border) .035
Custom .05
Heirloom/Show .06 & up

The prices listed in the table are per square inch.  To get an estimate of the price, take the length and width of the quilt, multiple them together, then multiple that number by the price that corresponds to the type of quilting that you desire. 

For example: Edge to Edge quilting. If your quilt measures 70 inches long by 50 inches wide, this equals 3500 square inches. Edge to Edge quilting is .0225 per square inch, so 3500 X .0225 = $78.75.  This is the estimated price for this quilt.

Semi-custom is an overall pantograph in the center and a different pantograph design on one border.

Custom is different designs throughout the quilt.  This can be either free motion or computer.

There is a minimum $65.00 charge per quilt. 

A deposit of 25% of the estimated price is required with your order.

We charge an upfront $50.00 consultation fee for anyone asking us to tell them what designs we would recommend or use on their quilt.  This fee will be applied to your order if you decide to have us do the quilting, otherwise, the fee shall be deemed earned.

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards using PayPal.

Please make checks payable to: SP&F Quilting

 Please click here to download pricing and worksheet.

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