A finished quilt is a sandwich consisting of three layers.  The top layer is the quilt top that you have created.  The bottom layer is backing fabric that you have selected.  The middle layer is batting that adds loft and fullness to the finished quilt.

What we do is take your beautiful quilt top and match it with the items explained above to make a quilt that you can be proud of.

We start by putting the backing on the frame.  BackingThe backing is usually supplied by you but we do have access to a vendor fo backing material.  The backing needs to be at least 8" wider and 8" longer than the quilt top.  If your quilt top is 80" wide, than the backing needs to be at least 88" wide.  If your quilt top is 100" long, than the backing needs to be at least 108" long.  So this means your backing will measure at least 88" X 108".  This is critical in order to secure the backing to the quilt frame.  If the backing is large and needs to be pieced, the seam should run horizontally across the backing.  This will prevent a bulge in the fabric which could negatively affect the quilting.




BattingWe place the batting on top of the backing.  The batting can be something that you supply or we have several battings that we sell at market prices.  We carry Quilter's Dream batting in Cotton, Belnd (70% cotton, 30% polyester), or Wool.  If you supply the batting, please check with us before we work on the quilt so that we can make sure the batting will be suitable for your quilt.  The batting also needs to be at least 8" wider and 8" longer than the quilt top so the batting would be at least 88" wide by 108" long as in the example above.  The batting is not attached to the frame but floats on top of the backing material.



TopWe then place your quilt top on top of the batting.  We usually do not attach the top of the quilt to the quilt frame unless the top is very large.  We prefer to float the quilt top on the batting and backing.





When deciding what you would like as the quilting design for your quilt, we have several ideas to choose from as well as various levels of pricing,  You can check out our pricing page on this  website.

Pink baby quiltEdge to edge quilting is the most popular type of quilting and the lease expensive.  This type of quilting uses the same design across the entire quilt from top to bottom.  We can do a simple meander free motion or you can select from the many samples of pantograph designs shown on this website.





Bubble quiltSemi-custom quilting (one border) is a combination of two different pantographs.  The outside border is one pantograph, and the remainder of the quilt is a different pantograph.  All of the qullt is covered in this type of quilting.











FX2Custom quilting is where each block, or group of blocks can be quilted with a different pattern.  You can select pantographs for your borders.  We also have block designs shown on this website that you can selsct from.  Or we can discuss a free motion design that you may want,  Custom quilting is more expensive since there is much more time involved in the quilting process.




For heirloom/show quilting, you would need to discuss this with us before submitting your quilt,

We have a large assortment of thread colors that we can use on your quilt.  We can come close to matching your backing material if you would like the design to disappear or use a contrasting color if you would like the design to show.  Many people think the quilting is more prominent and shows off nicer on the back of the quilt,  We can use a color for the top of the quilt that will be closer to a blend into your quilt top colors, or a color that will contrast with the top.  The color decision is yours and we will confirm this with you before we start on your quilt,

We carry Superior and Glide threads in our inventory.  We have 40, 50 and 60 weight top threads in cotton and polyester.  All of our bobbins are 40 weight trilobal polyester.

FinishedAfter the quilting is completed, we will return the finished quilt to you. 

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